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Group Info

Welcome to Odontocetes, a group focusing on the toothed whales!

General Information:

*Anyone is welcome to join, just use the 'Join our Group' button.

*Any form of art or writing that features some species of odontocete or cetacean ancestor (including land based ancestors like pakicetus)

*Images of both wild and captive animals welcome.


*Submissions are limited to three per person per day

*Any submissions that are abusive, vulgar, racist or inappropriate in any other way will be rejected. Please respect all members.

*The two ID folders are intended to focus on traits that help identify a known individual. General orca images should be submitted to the 'oceanic dolphins' folder.

Gallery Folders

Exhale by Ebonenee
Ambush by Ebonenee
Physeter macrocephalus by Itz-Photo-Time
Family by taslishaw
Let me tell you a secret by Moray-orca
In Memory Of Keiko by Shinymane1
Endless freedom - Keiko's life by namu-the-orca
Oceanic and River Dolphins
Takeoff by EchoBeluga
Twin Rockets by EchoBeluga
Undertow by EchoBeluga
Breaking the Surface by EchoBeluga
Beluga and Narwhal
Arctic Dance by MsBeka
Narwhals Come Forth by PhilipHarvey
beluga pastels by poseidonsimons
Beluga Social by MsBeka
As never seen before by namu-the-orca
Dorsal ID Harbour porpoises - 2011 by Sophie1990
Ellen by Sophie1990
Amber porpoising by Sophie1990
Beaked Whales
Shepherd's Beaked Whale by Nioell
Strap-Toothed Whale by Morgan-Michele
Mesoplodon densirostris by AngelMC18
Strap-toothed whale by namu-the-orca
Sperm Whales
battle of the giants by poseidonsimons
At Sea by Flrmprtrix
Sperm Whale Head-On by SlateGray
Mamma and Baby by SlateGray
Prehistoric and Extinct Species
The Serpent Whale by Ashere
Pakicetus by novablue
Pakicetus and Megaptera by thylobscene
Evolution of the Whale by Panimated
Humans and Odontocetes
Companions by EchoBeluga
Memories by taslishaw
Over trainer by Mantrize
Action nights by Mantrize
Southern right whale dolphin by namu-the-orca
The giant dolphins of Scotland by namu-the-orca
Whales of the Mediterranean sea - POSTER by namu-the-orca
ID guide to mediterranean whales by namu-the-orca
Original Characters
The Majestic Carpet whale by Thecarpetwhale
Humpback whales intervene in an orca attack on a grey whale calf…
More Journal Entries








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Is odontocetes pronounced: odon-tor-seets ?

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